Party nudists – seeing the army (Ciao-Ciao to Radik)

3-06-2012, 01:40

Party nudists – seeing the army (Ciao-Ciao to Radik)
Party nudists – seeing the army (Ciao-Ciao to Radik)

The film is about the nude from the private collection of how a group of young boys and girls escorted his friend naturist serve in the army.

Nudist Radhika call to serve in the army.
With his closest friends nudists suit him naked party, to supply him with good memories of civilian life.
At this naked party come his friends and girlfriend to pursue his ally and friend in the army. It should be noted that received almost nonalcoholic party nudists, alcohol, of course, but in a fairly small quantities. All the fun, dancing, girls – nudistki cook something in the kitchen. And, of course, there were dancing (as it should be a naturist – naked)…

Title: nudists: Party – Nudist off to the army. / Ciao Ciao to RADIK.
Genre: nudists, naturists, nudism, naturism, nudism, naturism
Studio: from private collection
Format: mpg
Resolution: 352h240
Movie Length: 52:35
Size: 524.56 MB
Categories: Nudism video
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