Country horse ride (candid-hd)

25-06-2012, 22:26
Country horse ride (candid-hd)
Country horse ride (candid-hd)
Country horse ride (candid-hd)Country horse ride (candid-hd)Country horse ride (candid-hd)
"We are all waiting for spring long time ago." Slightly paraphrasing the famous band CHajf obtain "We're all waiting a long long summer given", and along with it - the warm summer days are to finally break away from work and taking a vacation, go to the beach with a warm sea and the warming rays of the sun. Someone will go no further public beach, others - will wave "on the other end" of our globe. No matter where you go - in fact you can have a good rest, and on the lawn outside his country house, or near a small stream ... One of the most important components of an enjoyable pastime - the weather is good and close friends. If communication with the latest us little that prevents winter and then enjoy the warm sun and the sea, you can not always. Those who want to get the full range of pleasurable sensations of summer and tan - undress naked on vacation to any swimsuit or trunks not interfere feel the wind blowing or water splashes ... Of course, this is typical, mostly nudists or naturists ... That's a group of young girls nudistok went horse riding in the Crimea in the picturesque surroundings of Koktebel. The first thing they get acquainted with the horses on which they will make a rather big way over hilly terrain. In the process of traveling nudists visit hot springs and have an excellent opportunity to plunge into them with their naked bodies. As long as they followed the route - they have to travel on foot of the way to give the horses a rest or to overcome the difficult sections of the road. Most of the way the girls, of course, done on horseback, having a lot of new experiences and enjoy the beautiful views of the Crimea. I think that all judges-movie "about nudism" learn in these Golyshko have repeatedly noted the girls on the screen. If you have a
desire to download the other movies with the same participants, we advise you to pay attention to the publication of Teen Nudist Workout 1 and Teen Nudist Workout 2, where they are in the style peculiar to them (ie completely without clothes) perform a variety of exercises and spend "free time "in the gym. After watching a film about the proposed horse walk nudistok arises a strong desire to get out into the fresh air and completely naked, enjoy the warm breath of wind and sunlight.
Country horse ride (candid-hd)

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Christoph Hölker
Christoph Hölker 27 November 2016 07:36 Reply
DORT wäre ich GERNE als EINZIGSTER Mann NACKT mit dabei. gez.: Christoph Hölker (aus D-45657 Recklinghausen)
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