Whirlpool-Spa (Naturist Freedom)

5-08-2012, 16:59
Happy birthday Petra
Whirlpool-Spa (Naturist Freedom)
Happy birthday PetraHappy birthday PetraHappy birthday Petra
Another masterpiece from famous Studios. Young mothers with their daughters have decided to arrange a luxurious stay in one of the spas. Family naturism become very bright (lacking only dads and husbands, but they likely do not miss). And you know what the word "Spa" (Spa, spa treatments, etc) is derived from the name of a small Belgian town where still in the 17 century bal′neolečebnicy were located at the base of the large number of mineral springs. Only in the 20 century, the word "Spa" has a broader meaning, which encompasses the entire range of health treatments as aquatic and aromatic. Some decode this word as "health through water", claiming to be from the Latin sanus per aquam, which is not entirely true, since in Latin the words spelled aquae vi sanus. But oh well, enjoy!

Name: Whirlpool-Spa (Naturist Freedom)
Video: DVD, 720x480, codec MPEG-1/2 Video (mpgv) and 59.94 FPS
Audio: 48000 Hz, stereo, 192 kb/s
Duration: approximately one hour
File size: 2.81 Gb
Categories: Nudism video
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