Relaxing with a Trampoline (NaturistFreedom)

19-09-2012, 18:29
Relaxing with a Trampoline (Naturist Freedom)
Small campground nudistok young girl and mother with her daughters are here to devote his time to outdoor recreation. For children cooked separate entertainment - big trampoline, who always in demand among young "golyshek." About an hour of great DVD video. You need to download and watch this movie - how to spent their time gathered here amateur naked outdoor recreation. Regular DVD video production Natutist Freedom of Czech family nudists.   This time they spent their holidays in a tent camp. Came here a lot of girls and mothers with children. Honors this stay was the lack of the male half of the families: probably they organized their holidays without women. As you'll see in the video nudistok - the theme of this holiday was the entertainment on a trampoline. All the participants had enough time to get away from urban concerns and get a great positive emotions for a long time. Organizers campground with a trampoline staged small dam on the creek (although this is prohibited) to nudists could swim there. But, unfortunately, the weather was not very good. The result - no one dared to swim in the water pretty cool. But at this site has been given a lot of time for children - except swings and trampoline were some other entertainment for them. Unequivocally that the younger generation was very happy to be here - the game with peers always cause they have a lot of fun. Not without a traditional kebab outdoors. Senior nudists their own lit a small fire in a clearing near which sat quietly, enjoying nature and each other's company. Nudists spent they holiday in a camp in tents (this time without men), with a trampoline, lots of good time and fun. The owner of the camp built a little dam on the brook (although it is not allowed), so that they might have a nude swim there. However, the weather was not very good and none of us felt like hardening in the cold water. It's was a beautiful time for nudists. Download movie about camp can nudistok as free (but slow) and paying premium access code - on it you will be able to download files at high speed with no waiting. All lovers of the joint family nudist recreation recommend replenish their collections this video. If you want to know - as is currently the situation with naked stay in Russia you can refer to the separate article on the subject is "Where undress", affecting mainly the legal aspect of public exposure (whether on the beach or in some other place).
Relaxing with a Trampoline (Naturist Freedom)Relaxing with a Trampoline (Naturist Freedom)Relaxing with a Trampoline (Naturist Freedom)
Enough fresh film from the Studio. In excellent as about naturist family rest in nature, where the center of entertainment and recreation became an ordinary trampoline.

Name: Relaxing with a Trampoline (NaturistFreedom)
Video: DVD, MPEG 1/2 Video (mpgv), 720x480, 59.94 FPS
Audio: 48000 Hz, stereo, 192 kb/s
Duration: 1 hour
Size: 4.29 Gb
Categories: Nudism video
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