Nudist Family Beauty Contest

8-02-2013, 18:30
Nudist Family Beauty Contest
Great idea - a family beauty contest among nudists, which takes place outdoors. Sight of the distant 1980 simply "impregnated" so long forgotten feeling of freedom and independence. Hour video looks at one go - so mesmerizing that perception. Those who want to feel the prevailing atmosphere in the day, check out the proposed material, the more that you can download it for free. With 100% confidence we can say that the film is not staging - a real event, held in the open air, with many participants and spectators. Of course, not without the jury that selected the winners. Among those who came in that day there were many families with children naturists. Young nude participants gladly participated in the competition and fought for victory. Winners, as expected in the final, congratulated the successful passage of the match and gave them flowers - a universal gift and a token of the beautiful half of our society. It may be noted the absence of any corruption or sexual connotation - just the beauty of the naked female body. Live music at this festival did not superfluous - the atmosphere was very cozy and relaxing. Anyone who feels nostalgic for the days when things were simpler and "cleaner" - we recommend to view this documentary reportage.

Amateur film about a beauty contest among nudists girls
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