Rituals Of Summer

8-02-2013, 18:14

Video about how a group of young girls went on a boat on the picturesque lake on the island. Download and watch as swimming and frolicking nude lovers can even tan full of news. At night they arranged dancing around a bonfire, and then the old tradition started jumping through it. Awesome spectacle: obligatory recommend to viewing this film about nudists in Russia.

Enature: Rituals of summer (Summer rituals nudists)

Particularly for local naturists expected time of year - summer, short and very enjoyable season. Group teen nudists after months of cold travels on a beautiful lake with a stop on the island and celebrates the onset of warmer days. They go by boat to the island, where they bathe naked frolic with inflatable mattress in the warm waves ... Upon arrival, they arrange a picnic lunch and spend the bright summer night around a bonfire. Here they dance around him, and, remembering the ancient Slavic fun - jumping over the fire.   Young Russian girl-nudists rest on the lake, they bathe, admire the beauty of the lake, collect lily. Not without the traditional installation of tents, cooking over a campfire ... The film was released in a series of naturists from Russia. Free download beautiful movie about nudism, young and very beautiful naked girls advise everyone who wants to see how nudists warm days spent on the lake.

Summer in St.Petersburg is a brief and eagerly anticipated time of the year for local Naturists. After 9-10 months of summer cold this group celebrates summer nudist style at a local lake and its island. They swim, boat, camp, cook and celebrate the short summer nights around a bonfire. Filmed on digital video.

Summer in St. Peteburge short and especially the expected time of the year for the local naturists. After 8-9 months of cold-teen nudist group celebrates offensive warm days trip on the picturesque lake with a stop at the island. They swim, boat, picnic and spend short summer night for dancingaround a large bonfire and ancient Slavic fun - jumping over the fire.
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