Naked May Day in Odessa

8-02-2013, 18:33

The film is about how in the first warm days of May, several families nudists gathered on the beach for sunbathing. Adults and children were looking forward to the beginning of summer and now are extremely pleased that once again have the opportunity to sunbathe on the beach, but not limited to swimming pools and saunas. In the eyes of the audience here in this day you can see the sea ... only positive emotions. What we want and everyone who downloads this wonderful movie and spend an hour of your time to view it. Perhaps some even dare to appear for the first time on the beach completely naked, to, as they say, "rest not only the soul but also the body." Odessa, May the sun warms already well ... taking advantage of this local nudists whole families gathered at the city beach. Parents safely enjoy pleasant sunlight, children frolic in the water and on shore, sprayed each other and just enjoy life. Everyone is happy offensive next summer, when you can no worries sunbathe on the beach. Most young lovers nude recreation dismantled airbeds with great pleasure and fun in the water with their peers. Those who wished to show their artistic skills also found something for everyone - right on the beach they decorated each other's bodies in various patterns. Not without active games in which everyone participated. Excellent video about family nudism. The film shows the life of the common good fans to relax naked, and if you want to learn how to run such meetings, then you have a great chance to get enough detailed response. Happy viewing ...

Warm May day in Odessa nude beach animated influx lovers naked recreation. The sea is warmed so that you can swim in it ... In short - and nude bathing season opened!
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