Premiers desirs (1984)

25-04-2015, 00:59
Premiers desirs
One of the well-known photographers, who specialized in shooting nymphets for magazines such as Playboy, David Hamilton from the late '70s he made several successful films, where in a frank manner, he opened the first sexual feelings teenagers. Three girls resting on the sea coast, decided to run away from the hotel and swam to the island in search of adventure. There they were waiting for sexual adventures, love, tears and frustration. Beautiful music with the camera work and the naked female bodies creates a favorable impression of the film. The girls decided to leave the campground by the sea and reach the island. But in a way they are overtaken by a storm, the boat flipped, and one of the girls would surely drown if not just a stranger came to the rescue. When she wakes up, she starts looking for his savior ...
Premiers desirs
Cast: Monica Broeke, Patrick Bauchau, Inge Maria Granzow, Anja Schute, Emmanuelle Beart, Bruno Guillain, Stephane Freiss, Charly Chemouny,Serge Marquand
Categories: Nudism video
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