One summer in montalivet (Enature)

17-06-2012, 14:11
One summer in montalivet (Enature)
The film, which promotes nudity in all its beautiful forms.
A striking example of a good French naturist videos of children vacationing in Montalivet. It is a city in southern France, which is designed to fly with nudism nude beaches, hotels, restaurants, public nudity in banks, grocery stores, etc. Today cameras of any kind are prohibited on its shores, but this video was shot just before the ban in the late 1990s. A rare film, there are only a few sites, and, then, for the most part, paid downloads. If someone sees this movie child porn or erotica - it is a perverted interpretation of the concept - nudism. We came into this world naked, so why at least some of life's journey is not to do the same naked, especially since no one shot the movie there is no hint of sex, erotica, porn. There are the usual resting naked people.
One summer in montalivet (Enature)

Name: One summer in montalivet
Studio: Enature
Size: 1.68 gb
Categories: Nudism video
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